Pre and Post Wedding gatherings.

Pre and Post Wedding gatherings – How to make them special

A beautiful trend has emerged as couples break free of the traditional wedding ‘rules’ and create their own unique celebrations. Borrowing from different cultures where weddings are celebrated over several days… or even longer, there’s been a rise in pre and post wedding gatherings.

These meal-centred events give the bridal couple the opportunity to connect in a more relaxed way with friends and family or even invite people who may not be attending the wedding.

These can include breakfasts, lunches or dinners, with brunches and high teas gaining popularity. The main focus is on connecting, relaxing and either anticipating the forthcoming wedding or celebrating after the event. Often, personal stories are shared and the guests are more willing to open up around a small group.

At Pomodoras on Obi in Maleny, the restaurant caters to small or large groups and offers a stunning view over the ever flowing Obi Obi Creek. The bridal party can also prepare for the big day or unwind afterwards in the beautifully appointed cabins. If it’s a small group then catering can even be arranged in the rooms so everyone can enjoy a more private party!

As the Hinterland is blessed with a myriad of performing artists, the couple may decide to hire a guitarist to play romantic love songs, a chamber music trio to bring a touch of class or a magician for something a little different. They might sit for a caricature or if the group stays in the cabins, then how about a little pampering like a foot massage or a tarot reading for every guest?

The gardens at Pomodoras lend themselves perfectly to a wedding themed treasure hunt or if it’s a fine day, then light meals can be served out on the lawn. Guests might even be lucky enough to spot one of the local platypus.

Some bridal couples create a themed event where guests are invited to dress-up, or dress down, or dress as a special character. The couple might choose to arrive on a trike, be canoed up the creek or ride in on horseback!

The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Of course, with all the stress on the wedding day, most couples choice a far more simple option of a laid-back meal surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

Whichever way you decide to go, make your pre or post wedding occasion one that you’ll remember as fondly as the big day itself.