Balsamic Citrus Fusion – OMV! by Travis Earsman

Peaches and cream. The beach and fish & chips. Lennon and McCartney. Bacon and eggs. Cinnamon and sugar. A roaring fire and a bottle of muscat. Some things just go together. Sometimes two things harmonise and balance each other in such a way as to create a whole that is far greate

Liquid Gold by Travis Earsman

My love for what I call liquid gold began many years ago when my beard was yet to sprout silver threads, I had more of a spring in my step and my son was still in nappies, his mother (a culinary wizardess) was cooking dinner one night. A dinner which included salad. When I tasted her

Dressings are Just not for Salads

Did you know our dressings are just not for salads? Think that Pomodoras Dressings are just for salads? Well think again! We think so highly of our dressings that we’re prepared to prove that they can be used in delicious and inventive ways throughout year.  The versatility of our han