Dressings on Obi


Chris Bond, owner and chef at Pomodoras on Obi Restaurant sheds a little light on his ‘not-so-secret’ ingredient…

“It started when I was working in Newquay, England about ten years ago, as I wanted more of a versatile dressing that would work with a multitude of dishes, not just salads.” So Chris created his now ‘famous’ Balsamic Dressing and an Orange Vincotto dressing with the more recent addition of his Ginger & Lime dressing.

Chris uses the sweet, tangy Balsamic on veges before roasting to caramelise, with stir-fry’s, as a dip and on salads and one customer says her kids love it on their spaghetti Bolognese!

The Orange Vincotto includes port and orange zest and is perfect with risotto, smoked salmon dishes or to lift any salad; the new Ginger & lime is made with local limes & fresh ginger great with seafood dishes or Asian style salads.

“When preparing the dressings, I reduce them both down considerably, so they become more like a syrup. The colour and texture is just beautiful. Many customers use them as dips when they’re entertaining. I know when they do because within days I have their friends coming in to grab a bottle for themselves!”

  • I use these products in my catering business! Sooooo tasty! #afewofmtfavouritethings #becsteercatering
    Rebecca Steer
  • The product speaks for itself......I don't need to promote it.......buy it and see for yourself !
    Janelle Sperring
  • I love these dressings. I use them for all occasions.
    Justin Palazzo-Orr
  • Luscious amazing tasty treats!!!! THANKYOU very much xx
    Mel Fulloon