Recipe: Asian Prawn Salad

Ingredients; Prawns (5 per person) Avocado Oil,  Lettuce, Coriander, Mint, grated carrot, thinly sliced red onion, sliced fennel, Granny smith Apples sliced into match sticks, Lime wedges, Pomodoras Ginger & Lime Dressing. Method: Cook Prawns in pan with Avocado oil & Pomodora

Recipe: Strawberry and Mint Salad

Ingredients; Strawberries cut into quarters, chopped mint, freshly cracked pepper, quark, Pomodoras orange vincotto  dressing. Method: Add cut Strawberries mint to the bowl Add a little pepper Mix in Pomodoras Orange Vincotto Dressing Serve with quark *Chef’s Tip – A really good